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Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
As Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., writes in
Spontaneous Evolution
Our minds actively co-create the world we experience.
Consequently, by changing our beliefs, we have an opportunity to
affect world change .
The fact that the mind of the observer influences the outcome
of experiments is one of the most profound insights introduced by
quantum mechanics. This new physics acknowledges that we are
not merely passive observers of our world but, rather we are active
participants in its unfolding. . . . Quantum physics has absolutely
verified that information processed by our minds influences the
shape of the world in which we live.
This is very profound! When Dr. Murphy wrote his book in 1963, a reader
had to make the choice of whether he/she believed what Dr. Murphy taught.
Although Dr. Murphy
what he taught was true, he couldn’t prove it
through scientific analysis. Therefore, the disbelievers took on the role of
“victims” and stayed stuck in their same old B.S. (Belief Systems). Those who
embraced and practiced the principles taught by Dr. Murphy were labeled
“optimists” or just plain “lucky.”
Today, students of this material can eliminate the need to believe or dis-
believe as any inquiring mind can find the scientific evidence to validate its
Thank you, Dr. Bruce Lipton.
The law of expectations.
Seldom does an individual exceed his/her ex-
pectations. Remember, an affirmation is “a statement of fact or belief,
positive or negative, that tends to lead you toward the end result you
.” It doesn’t read, “The end result that you
.” We don’t get what
we want, we get what we expect. High-performance people develop high
expectations which they hold firmly in their minds as though this picture
(or goal) is already achieved.
You see and feel what you expect to see and feel. The world as you
know it is a picture of your expectations. The world as the race of
man knows it is the materialization en masse of your individual
The Nature of Personal Reality,
* by Jane Roberts
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