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How Your Own Mind Works 17
time and in each country of the earth. In many parts of the world it is the
controlling power in religion.
Suggestion may be used to discipline and control ourselves, but it can
also be used to take control and command over others who do not know
the laws of mind. In its constructive form it is wonderful and magnificent.
In its negative aspects it is one of the most destructive of all the response
patterns of the mind, resulting in patterns of misery, failure, suffering,
sickness, and disaster.
Unless, as an adult, you use constructive autosuggestion, which is
a reconditioning therapy, the impressions made on you in the past can
cause behavior patterns that cause failure in your personal and social life.
Autosuggestion is a means releasing you from the mass of negative verbal
conditioning that might otherwise distort your life pattern, making the
development of good habits difficult.
Another word for autosuggestion is
. We define affirmation
“A statement of fact or belief, positive or negative, that tends to lead
you toward the end result you expect.”
Two things are important here:
1. The “statement of fact or belief” may be completely true or completely
erroneous (but believed to be true). As written by Dr. Murphy just above:
Your subconscious mind cannot argue controversially.
Hence if you give it wrong suggestions, it will accept them
as true and will proceed to bring them to pass as condi-
tions, experiences, and events. All things that have hap-
pened to you are based on thoughts impressed on your
subconscious mind through belief.”
Any statement that follows the words “I am __________” is an affirma-
tion. “I am lousy at
(you can fill in the blank)
” is an instruction to the sub-
conscious to bring that statement into reality. Likewise, the statement (i.e.,
affirmation), “I am really good at __________” causes the subconscious to
bring that belief into reality.
*Lipton, op. cit., p. 3.