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“We all grew up with the saying, ‘Seeing is believing.’ Only after reading Jim
Jensen and Dr. Murphy’s book did I appreciate that ‘believing leads to seeing.’
The power and goodness of the Universe lies within each of us. This book
gives us the key to access and focus that power to make our hopes and beliefs
a reality. The universal wisdom in its chapters has changed my life forever. . . .
as it will for anyone who reads it.”
—Doug Jewett, CEO, Ramgen Power Systems, Inc.
“Every paragraph of
Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
is filled
with wisdom and keen insight. I’ve seen thousands of people who became
overwhelmed by outside forces and who felt powerless as a result. Jim Jensen
has brilliantly illuminated the sources of power, healing and growth that lie
dormant inside each of us. Everyone will benefit from reading this fine book
and taking its profound lessons to heart. You’ll be astonished at the power that
lies right at your fingertips.”
—John P. Rochon, Former Chairman and
CEO of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.
“Drawing upon knowledge from both the wisdom traditions and contempo-
rary research,
Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
shows us ways
to advance the exploration of our soul’s further reaches. Every one of us can
participate in this adventure, on the greatest of all human frontiers.”
—Michael Murphy, Founder of the Esalen Institute and
author of
The Future of the Body.
“The greatest frontier is not the skies or the ocean. It is understanding the
power of our miraculous selves. Herein is the primer to get started. Jensen’s
book is perfect for the action oriented 21st century. The central themes of
Dr Murphy’s landmark work set the stage. Excerpts from many of the finest
thinkers of the last generation clarify and reinforce the salient points. Then
the closer: Jim’s specific steps of how to implement the most powerful prin-
ciples of anyone’s life. Get ready to be energized!”
—Stan Freimuth, Retired Chairman & CEO, Ragen MacKenzie, Inc.
“This book is uniquely written and formatted in such a way that one could
read this once and begin to take charge of one’s life in ways to manifest unbe-
lievable positive improvements. May I suggest starting with the last chapter on
Enlightenment and then reading it cover to cover. I know it will enhance your
life as it already has mine
—Lyle Anderson, Chairman, The Lyle Anderson Companies, LLC.