Page 29 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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It is fascinating and intensely interesting to observe how you can
speak authoritatively and with conviction to the irrational movement of
your deeper self bringing silence, harmony, and peace to your mind. The
subconscious is subject to the conscious mind, and that is why it is called
subconscious or subjective.
Outstanding differences and modes of operation
You will perceive the main differences by the following illustrations: The
conscious mind is like the navigator or captain at the bridge of a ship. He
directs the ship and signals orders to men in the engine room, who in turn
control all the boilers, instruments, gauges, etc. The men in the engine
room do not know where they are going; they follow orders. They would
go on the rocks if the man on the bridge issued faulty or wrong instruc-
tions based on his findings with the compass, sextant, or other instru-
ments. The men in the engine room obey him because he is in charge and
issues orders which are automatically obeyed. Members of the crew do not
talk back to the captain; they simply carry out orders.
The captain is the master of his ship, and his decrees are carried out.
Likewise, your conscious mind is the captain and the master of your ship,
which represents your body, environment, and all your affairs. Your sub-
conscious mind takes the orders you give it based upon what your con-
scious mind believes and accepts as true.
Let’s examine this more closely. This is a very powerful metaphor. Our
conscious mind is like the captain on a ship barking out commands to the
crew, or subconscious mind. In this example, the crew (subconscious) is
in the hold of the ship below the water line. The crew can’t see nor do they
care where the ship is going. They simply carry out the orders of the cap-
tain not minding whether the ship runs into another ship, hits an iceberg,
or gets the ship safely to its f inal destination. The crew (subconscious) is
completely nonjudgmental. It doesn’t question the captain (orders from
the conscious mind) or make alternative suggestions, it simply carries out
the orders (instructions) precisely. Our subconscious is a servo- mecha-
nism (i.e., servant) whose purpose is to be of service to the conscious
mind. Therefore, if we constantly tell our self, and others, “I can never
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