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Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
There is one mind common to
all individual men (Emerson)
The miracle-working powers of your subconscious mind existed before
you and I were born. It is with these thoughts in mind that I urge you in the
following chapters to lay hold of this wonderful, magical, transforming
power which will bind up mental and physical wounds, proclaim liberty to
the fear-ridden mind, and liberate you completely from the limitations of
poverty, failure, misery, lack, and frustration. All you have to do is unite
mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to embody, and the cre-
ative powers of your subconscious will respond accordingly. Begin now,
today, to let wonders happen in your life!
“All thoughts are prayers, and all prayers are answered”—positive or
Think about that. All thoughts are prayers and all prayers are answered—
positive or negative. A basic operating principle of this book is
any thought
held on a continuous basis in the conscious mind must be brought into real-
ity by the subconscious mind.
We don’t get what we want, we get what we expect, unless what we want and
what we expect are the same. We may desperately want our marriage or our busi-
ness to be successful, for example. But if the internal stream of dialog occurring
in our conscious mind is, “My marriage is falling apart,” or “My buiness is failing,”
this is the result you are
your subconscious mind to fulfill.
Dr. Murphy shows us
why there can be no other result and pre-
cisely how becoming fully aware of the cybernetics, or interaction between
the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind, is the key to creating the
realities we desire and deserve.
“In life, you often don’t get what you want. But . . . here’s what
you do get—you get what you expect.”
“Ultimately, the world treats you more or less the way you
expect to be treated.”
The Go-Givers
* by Burg & Mann
*Burg, Bob and John David Mann,
The Go-Givers.
Portfolio Hardcover, 2007