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Foreword xix
determines what kind of experiences we attract into our lives. It is the
hub of the wheel of life which contains and holds together all the spokes
that are necessary for creating and living our dreams easily, effortlessly,
without struggle.
Of the thousands of patients I have seen over the years for a variety of
issues, I would estimate that at least 95 percent of them had an issue with
self-esteem, a sense of worthiness or unworthiness, which can influence
the inner sense of deservability for love, success, health or prosperity.
To keep it simple, however, this book has described in various ways
the three most important tools for manifestation, or giving vocal cords to
the subconscious.
is the first tool for creating change. All change begins with de-
sire, which is the purest of potential seeking manifestation or change. It is
the fire in the belly of the beast. Even Plato recognized the importance of de-
sire, which in his words, “Must drive the soul with a reigned-in craziness.”
The second tool is
, which follows desire. Expectation
awakens our slumbering giant, the subconscious, which then leads to
our behavior becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Expectation is at the
root of, and responsible for, all placebo responses in double blind studies.
Lowering your expectations, of course, ensures you won’t succeed.
The third tool of manifestation is
, creating the visual-
izations and mental movies of the successful future you wish to attain.
Imagination breathes life into your goals and is the mental energy for
creating your most optimal and brilliant future.
This book is a complete mental tool box that has taken the wisdom
of the ages and legitimized it into a vocabulary that we can easily under-
stand and embrace; how to release the past and become more than we
ever thought possible. More important, it connects us with the heroic of
our strong inner self, the magic within that is yearning to find expression.
Lee Pulos, Ph.D., ABPP
Clinical Psychologist
The Biology of Empowerment,
The Power of Visualization
November, 2011