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Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
even older tradition, the
Bhagavad Gita
, “Man is made by his belief—as
he believes, so he is.”
The rational mind can be a barrier to the full use of our potential.
It limits our capabilities with such a tight focus and has philosophically
cut us off from the experimental theatre of our subconscious, the true
source of our power. The older-growth forests of the mind contain the
true potential—our intuition, our non-ordinary awareness, our dreams,
our connection to the cosmic information field, our psychological and
spiritual landscapes, and, yes, our mysticism.
This is a book for every generation, in that it comes closest to sug-
gesting an evolutionary adventure that can be comprehended and utilized
by every age ranging from a twelve-year-old to his or her grandparents.
It also follows and embraces one of Einstein’s favorite sayings, “Make
everything as simple as possible—but not simpler.”
In reading
Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
, I experi-
enced a great joy in following the bold sweep of Joseph Murphy’s and Jim
Jensen’s thoughts which ranged from the potential for creating miracles,
how to awaken our deeper mind for physical and mental healing, over-
coming limiting beliefs and fear-driven behavior, developing a deserv-
ability for wealth consciousness, creating healing dreams, overcoming
roadblocks to success and how to re-educate and re-program our subcon-
scious for attaining goals and creating and stepping into the most optimal,
loving, successful, healthy future possible. And yes, there is even more.
But what resonated most for me throughout the book was how our life
is a printout of our beliefs. We create what we focus or concentrate on, and
our beliefs are largely responsible for the areas in which we focus most
attention. Our life experiences then will follow our focus, beliefs, expec-
tations and intention. The implications of Murphy’s and Jensen’s insights
are unlimited in that, if we don’t deal with our limiting beliefs, they will
deal with us, in our health, work, relationships, financial prosperity or
other areas of our life. Most important, however, Jensen provides the tools
and techniques to overcome the psychological antibodies we sometimes
set up against ourselves that can impede change.
However, at the very root of every success or failure is self-esteem. It
is the official and most important headquarters or base of operations that