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By Lee Pulos
It is indeed an honor to be invited to write the Foreword to a book that I
first read forty years ago and can still remember the visionary and psycho-
logical excitement I experienced at that time.
This is not exactly the same book I first read, however, as Jim
Jensen has judiciously and wisely edited and reframed some of the
concepts that were valid in 1963 and has redefined and upgraded them
so they are consistent with current neuroscience, psychological theory
and research.
The essence of
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
has not
changed. Our ego or conscious mind skims just the topmost surface of re-
ality and awareness and focuses on the limited confines of our five senses.
However, the unrecognized and heroic portions of our psyche lie beneath
the prosaic life.
Unfortunately, most scientists today believe that mind somehow
emerges from a mysterious but unprovable interaction of molecules in the
brain; thus, matter creates mind. This leads to a very reductionistic and
limiting explanation of who we are—a cosmic pessimism of human po-
tential and our deeper beingness.
However, Joseph Murphy’s brilliant insights about the depth and rich-
ness of our different thresholds of intelligence and corridors of conscious-
ness has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women discover what
we have known in the deepest regions of our hearts and minds—but have
forgotten that we know it. That is, we are much, much more than our ra-
tional minds.
This book is a reminder of some of the oldest wisdom such as that of
the Buddha who said, “A man is the product of his thoughts.” And from an