Page 15 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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Introduction xv
Many people, I hear, have lived within New York City and
never taken a tour through the Empire State Building, while many
foreigners are well acquainted with it. And so while you have a
physical address, I may still be able to point out some very strange
and miraculous psychic and psychological structures within your
own system of reality that you have ignored.
I hope, quite frankly, to do far more than this. I hope to take
you on a tour through the levels of reality that are available to you,
and to guide you on a journey through the dimensions of your
own psychological structure—to open up whole areas of your
own consciousness of which you have been relatively unaware.
I hope, therefore, not only to explain the multidimensional as-
pects of personality, but to give each reader some glimpse of that
greater identity that is his own.
(Highly recommended reading,
Seth Speaks
, by Jane Roberts.*)
This is also the hope Dr. Murphy and I wish to provide for you in the
pages that follow.
*Roberts, Jane.
Seth Speaks.
Prentice Hall, 1972