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Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
As I gained fluency and understanding of the principles of Omega, I be-
gan to look beyond Omega to every book and seminar I could experience to
help deepen my understanding of the subconscious and the power of our
intentional thoughts. Many roads would eventually lead to one author: Dr.
Joseph Murphy.
In 2005, a colleague of mine, Tom Popa, came into my office and hand-
ed me a book that he thought I would enjoy. The book was
The Power of
Your Subconscious Mind
by Dr. Joseph Murphy. I thought, “Oh, my God!
Could this be the same Joseph Murphy that John Boyle had studied with?”
In fact, it was.
As I read the book, word by word I realized that the content of the Omega
Seminar had come largely from this book, and John Boyle’s brilliance was in
the construction of the four-day format that enabled the participants to really
“get it” and emerge with a tool kit that enabled them to bring about whatever
changes in their lives they desired.
As stated earlier in this introduction, Dr. Joseph Murphy was truly one
of “the great early pioneers in the area of self image psychology.” Since his
book was first written in 1963, there has been much more added through
research to this exciting field of study. Also, the world in which we live today
is considerably different than it was nearly 50 years ago.
My first thoughts were to revise and edit Dr. Murphy’s original text and
simply add the words “Newly Revised and Edited” following the title,
Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
But, as I proceeded with my research and
editing, I found more and more contemporary data that truly enabled me to
provide the 21st Century edition of Dr. Murphy’s original work; thus the up-
dated title,
Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
What I have attempted to do in this revised edition of Dr. Murphy’s
original book is provide the reader with new research and findings in this
field. I have also added many “how-to” tools that were not included in his
original text.
So that the reader can easily distinguish between the text originally
written by Dr. Murphy and text added by me, I have used his original serif
type for the words written by Dr. Murphy and sans serif for those words
written by me.
It is hoped that this revised edition can become a real life-changer for
many, as the teachings in the book are not taught in most of our schools or
As is written in Jane Roberts’ brilliant book,
Seth Speaks