Page 13 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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by C. James Jensen
Dr. Joseph Murphy was an early pioneer in the field of self image psychology.
I first became aware of his teachings in 1969, although I had not heard of his
name nor was I aware he had written
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
in 1963.
In October 1969 my wife, Jeri, and I attended a four-day seminar called
“Executive Dynamics.” It was taught by its founder, the late John Boyle. (Later
the same seminar was renamed Omega.) We were immensely impressed by
the content as we had never been exposed to such teachings previously.
What we also learned over the four days was the powerful relationship
between the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind. We learned
how the subconscious is always carrying out the “instructions” given to it
by the conscious area of the mind, for better or for worse. We are constant-
ly talking to ourselves (“Self Talk”), making assessments of what we like,
don’t like, what we are “good” at and where we are simply “incompetent.”
What we will learn throughout this book is how our attitudes, beliefs, opin-
ions and judgments all shape who and what we become. Most people go
through life continuing to describe themselves as they have “always been,”
excelling in some areas and performing poorly in others.
What we also learned from John Boyle is that we can personally take
charge in changing or re-shaping certain beliefs or thought patterns that no
longer serve us well, and there are
tools we can learn to facilitate
such changes. Those tools are taught in this book.
Over the next 40 years, I would not only attend numerous Omega semi-
nars, but I became an impassioned Omega instructor as well. I often asked
John where he had learned the content of Omega, and the only answer he
gave me was that he had studied with a man named Joseph Murphy. This was
before the Internet, so there was no way to “Google” Joseph Murphy, nor did
John tell me that Murphy had written a book.