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Achieving the Execution Edge™ | 69
About The Schreiber
Bart Group
The Schreiber Bart Group represents a unique assembly of strategy ex-
ecution experts who help companies avoid, or recover from, errors in ex-
ecution. We have exceptionally strong strategy backgrounds, but unlike
most consulting firms, we concern ourselves exclusively with
which is where 90% of a company’s success or failure resides.
At The Schreiber Bart Group, we start from the assumption that you’ve
already done all the hard work necessary to create a first class strategy.
Now, however, your major problem is that it doesn’t seem to be working;
it is not being executed the way you intended it to be; or it is not deliver-
ing the performance expected and promised. We call this performance
the execution gap
— the gap between a company’s stated strate-
gic intentions and its results.
We, at The Schreiber Bart Group, help identify and close
execution gaps.
What we look for is whether or not the strategy has been communicated