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environment. Most of the time, I was small enough to
operate under the radar. But Morris was not so lucky.
The Torah has books of laws. But the Gemara teaches
how to make a society, how to live. Along with Roman
law, the Torah makes up English law, which is the root of
democracy. Bring a stranger into your tent and offer him
hospitality. Listen to the viewpoint of others, but always
follow your own philosophy.
AG: So Morris must have been delighted. One writer
states that Morris considered the design department as his
favorite. I have said elsewhere that you put a face on SIU’s
progressiveness under Morris’s presidency.
HLC: Because I required the design students to take many
courses in the humanities, the English department said
they could not accommodate us. But the psychology,
sociology, and biology departments were glad to have
our inquisitive students. Innovative work was already
going on—researching how microscopic forms moved
and turned, for example. There were many great
microbiologists doing interesting research, and we
became friends. My students loved it.
I remember visiting a doctor in Carbondale who happened
to be Jewish. At the end of my visit he shook my hand.
“Welcome,” he said, “we are very proud of you.”
was the first of its kind. We had a telephone hook-up
for students to hear famous off-campus lecturers, and
individual offices for each student. In the final evaluation,
there was no improvement of my group over the control
groups, although most knew it was too soon to know.
Second, suggesting and facilitating sending the Pratts to
Thailand. We did it with SIU and Thai funds—no U.S.
government help. It was an agreement between the Thai
prime minister, who I met, and SIU.
Third, the appointment of Bucky as one of the first
university research professors at SIU, and the subsequent
publication of two of his books. And getting Francis
Thompson to shoot 56 hours of film on Bucky. Even
though there was sometimes controversy about Bucky
amongst the faculty, there can be little doubt that his
association with SIU brought us into the national spotlight.
Of course, I couldn’t have done any of it without Morris.
True, he was a Republican, but he was a great liberal
when it came to education. Morris was a man you could
love. After I went to Buffalo, Morris told the Buffalo
president I was a good horse, but if you pulled on the
reins, I’d try to sprint. Next time I talked to Morris, I said,
“Yes, but how about you?”
I encountered some of the worst bigots in universities.
Moholy believed the Yeshiva rule that you have to give of
yourself. You have to run against society to create a full
Anne and Bucky with Mary and Harold
Paperboard housing with Cohen and student (Photo by Herb Meyer)
Cohen and brick project