Page 9 - Trapped in a Diamond

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I believe that all experiences in life are valuable. We can use the nega-
tive ones as lessons and the good ones as a reminder that we are on the
right path.
This book is mostly for women who experience difficulties in their re-
lationships due to differences in thoughts, values, culture or race. It is
a book for women who, in order to feel loved and accepted, relinquish
their freedom of thought and adopt their partner’s thoughts and values.
I am aware that men also can find themselves in the same situation, but
it seems to happen more with women—that might have something to
do with the conciliatory nature of women.
The loss of your sense of self can happen gradually without your aware-
ness. The desire to be loved and accepted can blind you. It can be years,
even decades, before you realize that your true self is lost or that you
were never allowed to discover it. I intend this book to be an opportu-
nity for readers who will identify with some or all of my experiences to
find inspiration and encouragement to take their lives into their own
hands. I will not give you instructions on how to act but rather make
you aware of the signs that you are losing yourself in your relationship.
I want you to find the courage to awaken your true self, which I assure
you, will accompany you on your journey into the new life that YOU
and only YOU will choose.