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sides achieving financial security, was to gain the trust and respect of
every individual he would meet. And for that, he would do anything as
long as it was legal.
At fourteen years of age, he was entrusted by his cousin to lead a full car-
avan of camels, jeeps, and thirty men to transport opium through des-
erts and mountains. At that time, the production and sale of opium for
medicinal purposes was allowed. As a fifteen or sixteen year old young
man, Cyrus took his father to Tehran, trying to find a cure for some
mysterious disease I have never been able to learn the truth about—
some kind of insanity caused by sunstroke, they say. Cyrus remained in
Tehran and brought his sister to live with him as well. She was several
years older than he, but in need of a place to stay. She was a single, beau-
tiful woman who, in a country like Iran, needed to be protected and
watched, as she apparently was a bit of a rebel.
Cyrus’s father died when Cyrus was seventeen, making him an orphan
taking care of himself and being in charge of an older sister. After a few
years of working various jobs to survive, he finally contacted a cousin
who was a general in Shah Phalevi’s army. Learning about what had
happened to Cyrus, his cousin was happy to help him find a job. He
started as a mechanic, and in Cyrus’s style with his complete dedication
to any task that was presented to him, he became the person in charge
of the vehicles in the escort of the Shah. It was a very good position, but
it did not pay enough money.
He decided to open a taxi business: he bought a car and hired a driver.
When Cyrus was working at his day job, the driver would drive the taxi,
and Cyrus would drive it at night. The business became relatively lucra-
tive. His ambition was to get rich and get an education. He knew that
only by leaving Iran could he succeed at both. After the second mar-