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Trapped in a Diamond
very wealthy family. He enjoyed telling with pride the story about his fa-
ther’s car having #1 as a license number and the police having #2. It was
the same with their telephone numbers. His luxurious life lasted until
he was seven years old, when his mother died of cancer. When I asked
him about his memories of his mother, he told me that at her deathbed,
she asked to see her son for the last time. As he entered the bedroom,
his mother asked him to give her a kiss. She touched his forehead and
told his sister to take his temperature, as she taught he had fever. He
was moved that her last words were of her concern for the well-being of
her son. He became very emotional describing the event; it was the last
memory, or maybe the only memory, he had of his mother. It had taken
a few years to gain his trust before he shared this memory with me.
Cyrus’s sister, nine years his senior, substituted his mother in taking
control of the household while his father continued to gamble. A cou-
ple of people, faithful to the family, continued to help with the house-
work. Cyrus’s older brother, who had married while their father was still
wealthy, never helped, even when times were very difficult for Cyrus
and his sisters. After his mother died, his father became depressed. He
continued his travels to control his properties, but he got more deeply
involved in his gambling habit. He lost all his properties and most of
their precious possessions. His father was also a very kind man; Cyrus
fondly remembered him returning home on cold nights without his
coat, because he had given it to some beggar in the street.
Due to his father’s bad habits, Cyrus had to witness the richness of his
relatives while daily confronting his poverty. Most of his father’s poker
partners were relatives, so the wealth changed hands but stayed in the
family. Cyrus was determined to dedicate his life to getting out of his
precarious financial situation and overcoming the sense of insecurity
his childhood experiences had given him. His most desired goal, be-