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Seven Signs That You Are Losing Yourself in a Relationship
There were no strictly defined social classes, everyone had equal oppor-
tunities for jobs, and everyone was entitled to be treated with respect. I
was going to a young country—merely one hundred years old—which
stood for the values I held so dear. Everything there would be brand
Anything and everything
was possible.
I arrived in Toronto and was soon enrolled in the International Institute
for English. Little did I know I would learn so much more and embark
on a path I never could have predicted with a man I was apparently des-
tined to meet. It wasn’t long after my arrival in Canada that I met Cyrus.
We had a brief and silent exchange in front of a vending machine—a
glance and a smile. Cyrus arrived in Toronto a couple of weeks after me.
He came from Germany after escaping from Iran where he worked for
the security of the Shah making sure that the equipment was in order.
As such, he was not allowed in the 60s to leave Iran without special per-
mission, but he managed to do it without being caught.
Since birth, his life had been a continuous battle to survive and to ac-
quire self-esteem. Cyrus and his family felt they had lost self-respect
when his father’s gambling habit cost them all their money. All his life,
Cyrus worked very hard to accumulate wealth. He thought money
would give back self-respect and dignity to the whole family. He spent
all his life believing and proving to himself and everyone else that hard
work makes everything possible. His life was incredible, full of adven-
tures and ups and downs.
Cyrus was born in Kerman, a city in the south of Iran with a popula-
tion of 100,000 in the 50s and over 500,000 today. He was born into a