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Seven Signs That You Are Losing Yourself in a Relationship
ents were still playing the part of the prosperous and elite family from
the south of Italy. They remained untouched by the social revolution that
had swept the country and much of the rest of the world. Given my re-
strictive upbringing and my parents’ prejudices, it’s a miracle that I man-
aged to develop my own very open and progressive views and values.
Singing My Song
Through it all, my passion for singing never abated. A songbird in a cage
is still a songbird, and I longed to sing. Instead of being encouraged,
however, my love for singing was almost destroyed. I had a good so-
prano voice, and the women who were my guardian angels encouraged
me to pursue a singing career. I begged my father for voice training until
he finally agreed, and I had an audition with a very famous teacher. At
the end of the audition, my father asked the teacher what he thought
about my possibilities of a career as a singer. He asked, “Can she be a
Callas?” Of course, the only honest reply the teacher could give was,
“But there is only one Callas.” As we left the studio, my father turned to
me and said, “If you can’t be a Callas, you can forget about singing.” My
heart sank, and I felt something die in me.
Fortunately, I got another chance at singing when I earned my teaching
certificate and decided to get a diploma as a choir instructor. This gave me
an opportunity to sing as a soprano in the school choir. The choir toured
several theaters in Rome and the surrounding cities, and I enjoyed it very
much. Sadly, my family never came to any of the performances.
Like many teenagers, I was curious about everything. I had an insatiable
need to discover and learn. Religion was something I struggled with,
and I couldn’t accept the Catholic Church’s answer to all my questions,
which was to “have faith.” Every time I needed a difficult question an-