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Seven Signs That You Are Losing Yourself in a Relationship
Until the age of seven, I enjoyed the privileged life and looked forward
to the rare occasions when I would receive attention from my father. I
was a pretty child and had been gifted with a good singing voice. From
an early age, as young as three or four, I was often asked to sing in public
and perform in the local plays at school. I remember playing the role
of a lost orphan and memorizing quite few pages of script, unusual for
a child of that age. It is ironic, now that I look back on it, that I played
the role of an orphan. That was how I felt being with my parents. I loved
those opportunities to make my father proud, singing at his club or on
a stage, but they would soon come to an end.
On my seventh birthday, while my father was making a speech at a po-
litical gathering, I was playing with some friends some fifty feet away.
For some reason, we were unsupervised at the time. A man approached
us and offered us bike rides. I took my turn with excitement, as would
any seven-year-old child, innocent of the fact that his intention was to
kidnap me. The man kept me for several hours; I wasn’t located until
the police and my uncle found me sleeping soundly on a bench in a bar
where the man who abducted me had been drinking. I was later told
that my abductor was a communist and committed the act to threaten
my democratic father.
I remember the abduction with fondness. I wasn’t a bit scared; I was
excited to get a bike ride on a man’s bike, sitting on the horizontal bar. It
was night, and he took me a bit out of town. Maybe I should have been
afraid, but I was having so much fun going fast on the bike, bouncing
as the bike traveled over the uneven surface of the asphalt. He talked to
me and asked me if I was having fun. I remember laughing aloud, as if