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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
I would like to acknowledge the light workers, and
healers who inspired me to tap into awareness more
Turtle Heart, Silvia Santi, Erla Heyns, Thomas Stef-
fen, Jennifer Vasilakos, Christine Allyson, Deb Foggio,
Marjolaine Arsenault, Doug Hubbell, Salome,
Ed Bastian, Sobyl Bunis, Eddie Ellner, Vijaya Stern,
Frank Stainetti, Ella Joy Foster, SharonMehdi, Julia Gon-
zalez, Lama Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Olivia Vicky Lee.
Heart felt gratitude to David Palermo for my photos
and for taking the time to give me honest feedback on
the manuscript.
I appreciate Derek Stettler for filming and editing
the videos. You are a gem!
Big thanks to Tom Dain, Donna Jean Carolan, Tom
Boyes and Karl Kras for turning my nature sanctuary
dreams into a reality.
Thank you Marie Larkin. What a blessing you have
been to me! I cannot even list all of the ways.
Thanks to Jim Downard for pointing me in the right
direction when I first approached you for ideas. That
first edit made quite an impression and I am grateful.
I thank Kelly O’brien for being a great teacher and
welcoming me into a new neighborhood!
Much thanks to Alicia St. John for your expertise
and feedback! Your generosity and creativity inspire me.