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thank my mother, Gail Evans, and sisters Julie
Wilkinson, Susan Murray and Keryn DeRubis and
their families for always being there for me. I cannot
imagine a more genuine source of constant support
and love.
Aunt Diane Vernon, I thank you for cheering me on
with your love!
I am in deep gratitude to my dear friend, Beth
Frazee, a fellow bird and nature lover. You have been
there through all of it!
Thank you to Jared Rosen. You encouraged and
coached me to write this book years ago. I have much
gratitude for your guidance, support, kindness and wis-
dom. I know it required a great deal of patience on your
part to allow the story to unfold.
To Judith Larson, my editor. Thank you for taking
this manuscript to a whole new level. The polishing and
refining contribute to the flow and clarity that I imag-
ined from the beginning. I have deep respect and grati-
tude for your work.