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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
diately had the urge to taste it. I placed the dried leaf on
my tongue; it was as sweet as maple syrup. Of course! It
was raining sap! How privileged I felt to experience this
for the very first time! It was as if the tree was anointing
me to a new experience. I’ve walked in the woods in the
spring before but have never witnessed this phenome-
non. I wondered if anyone else in the world knew it was
raining sap!
As I drove home in this impassioned state, I thought
about the people passing me by in their cars, wondering
if they were noticing the wind in the trees or the deli-
cate scent of the woods lingering along the roadside. It’s
funny how we wish other people could share in the ex-
periences we feel are meaningful. I thought about how
much Dad’s journals reflected his appreciation of life:
I love life as it is—every bit of it, and
wouldn’t dare the audacity to even
think of how it could be improved—
and yet I yearn—only that others
would appreciate life as it was
presented to them! L.P.E.