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Wood Thrush / Legacy
someone else could see it. But, this man did! I couldn’t
help but think that Dad’s spirit was around, reminding
me to be aware so that I wouldn’t miss out on this exqui-
sitely orchestrated event. Dad was passionate about na-
ture, and it was becoming more evident how important
nature was to me.
Carole King sings about the stars at night putting
on a show for free in her song, “Up on a Roof.” For free
- imagine that! Not many things in life are free. How
many times in a year do people actually take the time to
look at the stars for even five minutes? A friend of mine
had never stood still long enough to watch the sun slip
below the horizon until I invited him to watch with me.
I had assumed everyone had done that!
Later that spring, I hiked on a trail at the same park.
With the place to myself, I savored the warm sunshine
after a long, gloomy winter. I decided to sit on the hill-
side in a pile of leaves and listen. I had the image in my
mind that I was the only person in the entire county,
sitting in the middle of the woods on the ground, and
thrilled to be there. I tuned into the sounds of the forest
and felt a soft breeze across my face. I was completely
dumbfounded when I heard the sound of rainfall. How
could that be? I kept staring at the incredibly blue, cloud-
less sky, perplexed by the sound of rain. Suddenly, a drop
splattered on a brown leaf beside my feet, and I imme-