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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
and wool hat, I was quite warm and could actually enjoy
the walk. I loved having the place to myself for a change!
Wrapped up in my own thoughts, I noticed a man walk-
ing toward me with a large Rottweiler. I did not feel
threatened in any way, but he did look unusual, almost
like a mystical Merlin with a long white beard. His fast
pace with wide steps and his sweet smile reminded me
of Dad as he passed by and commented on the unsea-
sonable weather we were having. It crossed my mind
that he was the type of persona Dad would reincarnate
if given the choice.
A few minutes later, when this man was at least a
hundred yards away, I heard him call out to me to look
up in the sky toward the island: “There’s an eagle . . . an
osprey!” I scanned the sky hoping to spot the bird, and
sure enough, I caught full sight of the magnificent soar-
ing osprey just in time to witness his dive and plunge into
the water for his morning meal. My heart nearly stopped!
What an incredible sight! Grateful that this man took the
time to share this with me, I looked across the lake to see
if he was still there, but he disappeared frommy view be-
fore I could shout back across the lake to thank him.
How was it timed so perfectly? How did this man
know to engage me? Not everyone appreciates birds, I
thought. Most people might see the osprey, keep it to
themselves, and probably not yell across a lake just so