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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
echoes as the energy spent dissipates
with a gentle rain.
Earlier, I discovered a wood thrush,
dead by my window. Only
yesterday I had heard its heart song.
Such a beautiful creature, even in
death. I buried him/her under a
hickory tree where I will continue to
feel the song. L.P.E.
Dad gave me all I need to know about handling any
kind of death in his paragraph about the wood thrush.
I recall the time he took me into the woods and helped
me identify their ethereal flute-like call. It’s a sound that
melts the heart. I had no doubt that I would come to ap-
preciate nature as he did and continue to feel my father’s
song. I decided from that day forward, I was meant to go
deeper into understanding nature and communing on a
regular basis.
Dad resonated to the works by Emerson and Tho-
reau, and I found passages in his journals where he
quoted them. This Thoreau quote reminds me of how
Dad spoke of the wood thrush:
The thrush alone declares the
immortal wealth and vigor that is