Page 17 - Father Earth, Daughter Sky

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Wood Thrush / Legacy
since I was perfecting my way of
being the best mom and wife I could
be that no one would be disappointed.
What was it about me that he
detected I wasn’t in touch with?
Why didn’t he tell me? Was I overly
involved with my three sons? Did he
feel that I could have listened better?
I knew Dad loved me, and after a few days, I decided
to gather his journals and read them so that I would have
more insight into howhe felt about nature and his family.
I realized how lucky I was that he recorded his thoughts
and left them behind. If no one read them, what purpose
would they serve? In time, I was able to start reading
more passages from his journals, and I was surprised
to find that my thoughts were similar to his thoughts.
Reading his words began to give me the comfort I was
looking for and to feel connected with him again.
There is a wonderful thunderstorm
overhead. One clap of thunder
rumbles and echoes as it bounces
around the heavens. Then, stillness
for a while when suddenly the
thunder, remembering, cracks the
sky wide open, followed by more