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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
I wish Becky could/would talk about
something other than her boys or
self. L.P.E.
The following day he entered:
Becky really is a beautiful soul. I
would just like to see her stay more
in touch with that part of herself.
Stunned and heartbroken after reading this passage,
I could barely see to drive home through all of the tears.
Even though it was written six years before his death, I
didn’t have a clue he felt that way about me at any point in
my life. I couldn’t face the thought that I had displeased
or disappointed him in any way. So many other times in
life, I could improve a situation or do it over! “I lost my
chance,” I thought. I also began to defend myself against
what he wrote; my thoughts went something like this:
I was busy raising three boys,
taking care of all their needs. I was
involved with all of their activities
and projects, and my husband’s
needs and activities. I thought that