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Wood Thrush / Legacy
Tricia said Dad showed her images of a top hat (per-
haps as an entertainer or spotlight), a fork (silverware),
a sailboat on a lake, and an old-fashioned skeleton key. I
thanked her. I felt she was genuinely receiving messages
from Dad. And, of course, I wept! I wanted to know
more. What did those images mean? Why couldn’t I be
gifted with the same ability to communicate with him? I
realized I needed to tune in more on my own.
It was Father’s Day when I returned home. I decided
the best way to honor Dad was to drive to my childhood
home. Dad’s possessions, books, and journals were still
there in the den. I found a spiral notebook with
written in his handwriting on the first page. It was titled
“Morning Pages.” I also found the journal he kept when
he hiked the Appalachian Trail and a few other trails.
A book called
The Artist’s Way
by Julia Cameron in-
spired Dad’s journals. Ms. Cameron suggests writing
three pages longhand each morning strictly off the top
of your head - whatever floods into your mind, including
complaints, dreams, observations, reflections, or what-
ever! Dad disciplined himself for a year and kept morn-
ing pages. I was excited, but a little apprehensive, about
reading his journal because these were his personal, in-
timate, private thoughts. I opened the notebook some-
where near the beginning and read: