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Father Earth, Daughter Sky
“You are able to see and communicate with people
that have passed on?” I asked. I hoped she would vol-
unteer to “tune in” to see if my father had anything he
wanted to say to me.
“What was his name?” Tricia asked.
“You tell ME!” I teased.
She took a deep breath, and a few seconds later
asked, “Does his name start with
“Oh my, you are good!” I said, “His name is Lloyd
Tricia left the room and focused on his name for a
while, and I took a break for tea. When we came back to
our mats, ready for the workshop discussion, she handed
me a piece of paper. With tears in her eyes, she said Dad
was right behind me. She felt that he was a gentle soul
and was near me often. The note read:
Blockages are not necessary.
Clear them my dear.
Live in love and joy.
We are one and the same you and I.
Big sky
You are all love. Your path has many
branches ~ feel into all of them and
you’ll know what to do.