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Chapter 1
Wood Thrush /
hen I close my eyes and picture him now, I see
himwalking. In his suit and tie, walking through
the woods and countryside on his commute to work,
my father, Lloyd, kept his daily ritual. I believe his com-
mitment to walking in nature made himmore aware, pa-
tient, mindful, and compassionate with others. For the
president of a southeastern Ohio small-town bank and
father of four girls, this was his way of clearing his mind
to prepare for each day.
During the last few hours of his life, I held his hand
and watched him breathe. He was the best father I could
possibly imagine, and I couldn’t believe this was it.
This was the last time I would see him. Exhausted from
crushing despair, I did my best to stay calm and sup-
portive while he lay unconscious in his bed. My mother,
Gail, my sisters Julie, Susan, and Keryn, and I gathered