Page 9 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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By Rabbi Yonassan Gershom
This book is, to my knowledge, the first work that uses as-
trology to analyze cases of Holocaust reincarnations. As the
author of Beyond the Ashes, the first book to break the ice
on this subject back in 1992, I believe that Miriam Slozberg’s
work is an important contribution to the area of past-life
studies. It was for this reason that I agreed to allow her to do
my natal chart and include it in this book. It made sense that
a book about people with Holocaust past lives should include
the chart of the man who, for whatever reason, became the
main conduit for helping to heal these past-life traumas.
Upon reading my own chart and those of the other peo-
ple in this book, I found it fascinating to see the things we
have in common, as well as some differences, even though
none of us have ever met, and none of the others were born
in my own generation. (I was born in 1947, two years after
WWII ended. The others were born between 1967 and 2002,
one or two generations later.) This, to me, is proof that Miriam
is on to something important. If we had all been born within
the same few years, one might expect the planets to be in
the same areas of the sky and our charts similar. But, with a
55-year span between my birth and the birth of the youngest