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About The Author
Miriam Slozberg was born
and raised in Toronto Can-
ada. She is amarriedmother
of two children, still living in
the Toronto area. After liv-
ing through a troublesome
childhood, Miriam devel-
oped an interest in occult
sciences such as tarot, as-
trology, numerology and
other esoteric studies. Miriam has always been extremely in-
tuitive. She got her certification in astrology in 2006 and uses
her skills to help others understand their life’s purpose, as
well as their past life karma. Miriam had also possessed a
strong love for writing since she was a child. However, several
events had happened in Miriam’s life that had inspired her to
finally launch her writing career in 2009. Miriam’s writing in-
cludes topics that involve past life and reincarnation phe-
nomenon, astrology, afterlife, and others that are spiritual or
historical. Miriam had written her first book in 2009,
My Five
Autobiographies: My Soul’s Experiences Lived through Five Re-
cent Lives,
which chronicles her recent previous lives, includ-
ing her last life in the Holocaust, which has had a profound
impact on her current life.