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Chapter Two:
Onset of the Nightmare: A
Brief History of the Holocaust
The Poisonous Seed
Pinned down on the cold, steel table by a doctor who stabbed
mewithneedles to takemyblood repeatedly:“Why is this hap-
pening? Why are they torturing me like this?” I thought over
and over while in agony and enduring such abuse. Not only
was I abused, but I had to watch the others around me being
tortured by these doctors and guards. The victims around me
were also stabbed with needles, poisoned, whipped, and had
surgery performed on them while they were fully conscious,
screaming in pain. Why was this all happening? How did it
all start? It happened in the early 1940s during the “the war.”
Whenever the majority of us think of the 1940s, “the
war” is the first thing, or one of the main themes, that comes
to mind. Most of us simply think of “the war” in general and
nothing else, unless one of us had a tie to the horrors of the
Holocaust. If you had a tie to that horror, you are either re-
lated to a Holocaust survivor, or you may have been in the
camps—not necessarily in your current life. The very men-