Page 31 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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Miriam Slozberg 15
Once the food addiction is under control and I am at my
normal weight, I will never be thin. But, I am at a point of ac-
ceptance and believe that I don’t have to be thin to be loved. I
still carry karmic and traumatic residue from the injected hor-
mones that remained inmy body at the time of my death. This
explains why I have PCOS; hopefully the medication I take will
correct it so I won’t have to deal with it in my next life. I also
have chronic sinus infections and allergies, and I may have
asthma. This, surprisingly, is inconclusive. My soul decided
to work on healing many areas of my life that were affected
during my last incarnation and to balance karma from previ-
ous incarnations. Thus, fortunately, facing my emetophobia is
not something I must do in this life. My soul could not handle
that, and it could be scarred further, which would be detri-
mental to my soul’s evolution.
The fact that my husband or my mother is always there
to deal with my kids when they are sick is a sign that I do not
need to face the emetophobia. My husband has driven home
from work when one of our kids became sick during my care.
My kids also rarely get sick in that way—much less frequently
than the average child. My daughter realizes how phobic I am
of vomit and tells me to stay away if she sees that my dog has
gotten sick! My daughter has a maternal nature and feels as if
she has to take care of me: I will discuss that much later in the
book. You nowknowhow scarred I am in this life, and that most
of this is due to what I endured in my last life in the Holocaust.
The suffering of Holocaust victims did not end at the time
of their brutal deaths. As you have read, I was tortured in my
current incarnation, mostly because I carry past-life trauma.
There is a way to heal from the past, though, and this is why
I was brave enough to return. I believe it may take several