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14 Stars Behind the Tortured Soul
ability that made me believe I was not only unworthy, but
stupid as well. Since I am quite intuitive, the learning disabil-
ity was actually my soul’s way of protecting me from remem-
bering anything behind the veil. I may not have remembered
events, but the emotions and fear did not go anywhere. Un-
fortunately, I had to experience bullying in this life in order
to balance karma from my previous life that preceded my life
in the Holocaust: I was a spoiled, wealthy, egotistical British
woman living in Victorian times who treated others poorly
and never formed proper relationships. Apparently, my soul
believed that my life in the Holocaust was not enough to bal-
ance that karma. In my Victorian life, I was materialistic and
developed a deep love for good food. In time, I ate copiously.
I will mention this lifetime intermittently later on in this book.
I recounted this lifetime in
My Five Autobiographies.
TheWeight of My Memories
My Victorian life was an extreme contrast to being starved in
my life in the Holocaust. This further explains my food addic-
tion in this life. Yes, food was there to fill a void and to be my
“friend”when I had no other friends. Even when I did develop
friendships, I still battled food addiction. The food addiction
was there because of my subconscious fear of being starved
and my need to fall back on comfortable memories of my
Victorian life of abundance and belief that I was safe. In this
life, I had to experience weight problems and food addiction.
Weight gain was a sign that my food addiction was out of
control. I needed to find a way to balance my food addiction,
and this is a challenge I will be facing for the rest of this life,
even when it’s under control.