Page 29 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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Miriam Slozberg 13
Before I was assigned to die, the Nazis used me to do
“plays” for them with some other children with whom I had
become friendly. We were fed very little, and the food that we
were given was rotten. It made one of the children throw up.
The sight of that traumatized me. Then, I apparently got sick,
and that is how the phobia began. It’s amazing how I was able
to stick around as long as I did, because we were given little
food and were not allowed to sleep much. I was a child, but
I had the will to live and had hopes to see my family again at
some point. However, it never happened. In fact, I was thrown
into an experimental lab, and Dr. Mengele was probably one
of the “doctors” who performed experiments on me. I was
given injections with all kinds of needles, but funnily enough,
I do not fear needles, probably because I was screaming and
unaware that I was being poked with the needles. From what
I have learned, these so-called doctors injected me with hor-
mones and constantly took blood from me to analyze the re-
sults of whatever they were doing to me. I witnessed other
victims in the experimental labs being given poison, and they
too vomited, which scared me even more. The Nazis gave me
iodine, which apparently made me sick. I was already scarred
from losing my family, the few friends I had made, and my
dignity at such a tender age. Surprisingly, I survived whatever
experiments were performed on me. Since they had no more
use for me, I was thrown into the gas chamber. My life was
ended at age five, taken by the hands of hate. This is how my
low self-esteem started in this life.
Even as a toddler in this incarnation, before the bullying
began, I had low self-esteem. The Nazis had made me believe
that I was not worthy of human rights, even at the age I was
during the war. I had the added challenge of a learning dis-