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12 Stars Behind the Tortured Soul
learned astrology extremely quickly. I was slow to learn many
things in life, but astrology I picked up like a sponge.
After my clients told me I was a great astrologer, and af-
ter my astrology instructor said that my test chart analysis
was the best one he had ever seen, it was as if a light went
off. Sure, it was a boost for my shattered ego, but more im-
portantly, this was a calling for my soul. My spiritual quest
unfortunately went on hold when I discovered that my son
had autism and I fell into a depression again. In time, I started
picking up the pieces of my shattered self and my spiritual
quest became more intense.
I finally learned about my past lives after getting some
readings, and it all resonated with me. In my first book,
Five Autobiographies,
I discuss my recent past lives. I had to
face the knowledge that I was a reincarnated Holocaust vic-
tim. My suspicions were confirmed. I knew I had to face that
fact in order to start healing from my traumatic past. Soon
enough, I mustered up courage to read the history of the war,
and what the Holocaust victims and survivors had endured.
Stripped of Self-Worth
I learned that I was a Jewish child living just outside of War-
saw, Poland, in the late 1930s and early 1940s. I was extremely
young and had no idea that Jews were only allowed to at-
tend events or shop in designated areas. The Gestapo took
my family and threw all of us into a crammed ghetto. I was
separated frommy family. As a child of four years of age, I was
quite smart, but still too young to understand what was truly
happening. Then, before I realized it, we were rounded up
into a cramped cattle car and were off to Auschwitz-Birkenau.