Page 25 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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Chapter One:
Uncovering My Own
Tortured Soul
Conditioned to Suffering
The way I felt lying helpless on that cold, steel table in my
last life is how I had felt the majority of the time in this cur-
rent incarnation. I came into this world tortured, carrying
the horrific memories that were imprinted in my soul. I knew
that I was a Holocaust victim in my last life even before any
medium confirmed it. I knew I was tortured in my last life,
but until I had some readings with some mediums, I did not
know the details of what happened to me during my life in
the camps. I decided to have readings because I needed to
know why I suffered so much in this incarnation, and I got
some intense answers. I will discuss that later. For now, I will
briefly discuss my challenges in detail.
I was always a very solemn and frightened child who had
significant learning disabilities and possibly an autism spec-
trum disorder. I also got so lost in a fantasyland, because it
was safe, that it basically took over my life until I was around
fifteen. Due to being bullied and excluded, I was made to be-