Page 23 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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Miriam Slozberg 7
the astrological natal charts of several reincarnated Holo-
caust victims. Without revealing too much about what I have
seen in their charts, one common trait I found is that these
reincarnated Holocaust victims are dealing with a lot of inter-
nal pain and suffering in their current incarnation based on
what they had been through in their last incarnation in the
Holocaust. Through their charts, I have also found ways they
can begin to heal from their horrific past lives.
In this book, I will provide a basic education on astrology
to help you understand the meanings of the planets, signs,
planetary aspects, and astrological houses. Following the ed-
ucation section, I analyze the Holocaust victims’ charts. In the
last section, I present an astrological analysis on the rise of
the Third Reich. However, before I get to any of that, I am still
remembering myself, lying helpless on that cold steel table,
trying to make sense of what is happening.