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6 Stars Behind the Tortured Soul
The more you learn, and the more you realize that there
is truth behind past lives and reincarnation, the faster you will
want to become the best you can be in order to ascend more
quickly. And in time, because of the intense energies around
us, our ability to remember our past lives will increase. We will
require help with our past-life memories, as many aspects of
those memories may not be clear no matter how keen our
intuition is or becomes. This is why there are past-life-regres-
sion therapists and mediums around to help you gain a bet-
ter understanding of your past lives and how your current life
has been affected by your past life.
As previously stated, many people already know that
they were Holocaust victims in their prior lives. Because there
is, fortunately, more acceptance of past-life phenomena,
these people are finding the courage to talk about it, which
is one step towards healing from the past-life trauma they
endured. They discuss their past-life memories on relevant
internet forums, write books about the subject, and some
conduct seminars. All of this exposure is an excellent way to
keep the memories alive even though Holocaust survivors
are aging and passing away. Other methods can also be used
to gain a true understanding of what you may have experi-
enced in your prior life. Past-life readings from renowned
mediums and past-life regression are very helpful. Details can
also be determined through a past-life astrological analysis:
That is what I do.
I am not writing this book only to help keep the mem-
ory alive, and I am not only a reincarnated Holocaust victim
who plans to talk about her experiences in her current and
past lives. I am an astrologer, and astrology is my method of
choice for divination and exploring the soul. I have analyzed