Page 21 - Stars Behind the Tortured Soul

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Miriam Slozberg 5
The reason for reincarnation in the first place is for the
soul to evolve to the point of perfection, in order to ascend
properly and unite with the One Source/G-d. Reaching per-
fection is not possible in a single life; therefore, we need to
keep coming back and to keep striving. [A more detailed ex-
planation of reincarnation and past lives is provided in my first
book, My Five Autobiographies.] In order to reach a state of
perfection, the soul needs to experience life from different
perspectives—such as being male, female, wealthy, poor . . .
even a perpetrator or a victim. Some souls are brave enough
to take a chance on enduring the kind of torture that oc-
curred during life in the camps in order to gain crucial spiritual
knowledge. Those who lived as perpetrators must reincar-
nate to balance karma based on damage that they may have
created in their last lives. It’s not a matter of punishment; it’s
a matter of keeping universal order. The Kabbalistic term for
karmic correction is tikkun. For instance, if in a past life, you
sexually assaulted someone, you may end up being sexually
assaulted in your current incarnation. You may not realize that
your suffering is due to karma that needed to be balanced im-
mediately (in one lifetime). However, in time as the soul ma-
tures, it will realize that such an experience needed to happen
in order to gain an understanding of how a past-life victimwas
affected by your actions. On the other hand, if a person was
severely tortured in a past life, the soul will reincarnate in or-
der to begin healing from the experience. Again, healing may
not be completed in one lifetime. It can take several lifetimes
to heal completely, depending on the severity of the trauma
that was inflicted. Due to energy changes around the globe,
more and more people accept this fact and have a need to
learn more about reincarnation and past-life phenomena.