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4 Stars Behind the Tortured Soul
trated by Adolf Hitler created irreparable damage and trauma
to millions of souls. Even to this day, the wounds from that
time are still fresh. However, time goes on, and although it is
said that time heals, another danger is looming. Even though
there are numerous Holocaust museums, education centers,
books, movies, and extensive literature about the Holocaust,
the danger of it being forgotten as time passes is grave. There
are only a few Holocaust survivors left in the world, and due to
their ages, there is little time left for them. Soon, there will be
no one left to talk about the Holocaust with those who have
been through that kind of experience in the same lifetime. The
horrors that happened nearly seven decades ago can easily
be forgotten, or worse, denied. They already have been. And if
increasing numbers of people believe Holocaust deniers, then
the atrocities that occurred will be forgotten more quickly.
This needs to be prevented, and there is some good news.
The Age of Aquarius is an age we have entered in which a
shift in consciousness is happening, and a higher form of sci-
ence and spirituality will be surrounding us. As a result, many
more people are opening their minds and accepting the
truth about past lives and reincarnation. Due to an increase
in intuition, people are beginning to remember glimpses
from their past lives. As a result, more people are having rec-
ollections of being Holocaust victims. By remembering, they
begin to gain an understanding that the horrific experiences
from their lives during the Holocaust could be the reason for
much of their internal suffering in their current incarnations.
There will always be closed-minded people and Holocaust
deniers, regardless of the time period we are in. But, they are
outnumbered by people who are open to the truth about re-
incarnation and past lives.