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Miriam Slozberg xvii
mistakes over and over again, and neither do you. In the
words of one of my teachers, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Sha-
lomi, “We can be karma stoppers.”
Someone who was slaughtered on the battlefield in a
past life does not have to become a soldier and kill in this
life. He or she can become a peacemaker and work toward
stopping the real enemy: War. Even more important, if some-
one does you harm, you can let go of the need for revenge
and disentangle yourself from the karmic cycle. Forgiveness
does not let the perpetrators off the hook; they will still have
to deal with their own karma. Nor does it mean we should
“forgive and forget.” In the real world, it is impossible to sim-
ply “forgive and forget,” because “forgetting” often means
refusing to acknowledge somebody else’s pain. I prefer “for-
give and move forward.” Remember what happened and
learn from it, and then change your behavior so it does not
repeat. Become a karma stopper.
May you walk the spiritual Path in beauty, joy, and peace!
Rabbi Yonassan Gershom
Lag B’Omer, Iyar 18, 5770
May 2, 2010