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Miriam Slozberg xv
world as it exists now is imperfect and still moving toward
perfection. Humanity was created to help perfect it. Each soul
comes to earthwith particular tasks that it must perform in or-
der to help redeem the world. There are “holy sparks” (netzot-
zot) of mystical energy that are trapped, so to speak, in lower
spiritual levels than they should be. Our task is to“elevate” the
sparks back to their proper places in the Universe. We do this
by carrying out the commandments (mitzvot) of God, as well
as by secular actions, thereby effecting the repair of the Uni-
verse, known in Kabbalah as tikkun olam.
I should mention here that part of this tikkun is bring-
ing the spirituality back to Judaism. The collective Jewish
group-soul was deeply wounded by the Nazis—so much
so, that many Jewish souls purposely chose to come back as
non-Jews to avoid further pain, as I described in Beyond the
Ashes. Those who did come back as Jews often find the mod-
ern forms of their religion devoid of spirit. This is not the fault
of Judaism per se; it is the fault of the trauma that so many
Jewish souls carry forward from previous incarnations in
the Holocaust. Delving into spirituality and looking “beyond
the veil” often means coming into contact with these pain-
ful memories. Rather than do that, many Jews prefer to keep
things on the surface level only.
As Miriam notes in her reading of my chart, I have a ten-
dency to stay connected to my past life. This is not necessar-
ily a bad thing. I believe I am connecting with Jewish souls
still on the “other side” who lived before the Holocaust and
are still in touch with their spirituality. Back then, Kabbalah
was not something separate from Judaism, it was the spirit
that is supposed to be integrated into Jewish rituals and prac-
tices. My task now is to help bring this lost spirituality forward,