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xii Stars Behind the Tortured Soul
person in this study, I believe the similarities are more than
Miriam approaches astrology as a science, and like any sci-
ence, the proof is in the results of the experiment. The natal
chart that she did for me is quite accurate, and I must stress
that she did not know me personally when she did it. She had
already done the first draft of this book when we met on the
Internet and I agreed to let her do my chart. I gave her only the
date, time, and place of my birth. She had, of course, read my
two books on Holocaust reincarnations, Beyond the Ashes and
From Ashes to Healing. But aside from a brief retelling of one
of my dreams, there is very little in either of those books about
my own past-life memories. Nor is there much in print any-
where else about my childhood in this life (until now, at least)
that she could have gleaned to make up this information. Only
after she did my chart and I read it did I send her some materi-
als to verify her findings. So, my advice is: Read this book, and
try it out in the laboratory of your own experience. Decide for
yourself if there is any truth in what she has discovered.
Some readers may wonder why I, a rabbi, am endorsing
a book about astrology. Judaism has always been somewhat
ambivalent about “the occult.” On one hand, there are some
negative passages about divination in the Bible. This is be-
cause these practices, at that time, were directly connected
to the worship of pagan idols and false gods. In some cases,
they still are. Even in the 20th century, there are meditation
systems that require the initiate to bring sacrifices of flowers
and fruit to an altar, while the guru burns incense and chants
prayers to his deity. This idolatry is forbidden to Jews. On the
other hand, modern research has demonstrated that the
methodology of Eastern meditation has a solid basis in neu-