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x Spiritually Rich and Sexy
Howard Ronder, your original artwork for the cover of
this book is breathtaking. I am amazed at how vividly you were
able to capture the essence of the project and bring to life a
brilliant mandala that shines so brightly. Karen Strauss, thank
you for being a champion for marketing this book and for your
kind and gentle heart.
Amy McFadden, Agnes Fehlau, and Dorine Fernandez,
three of my dearest spiritual sisters: Your healing, wisdom,
and insight throughout this process has been nothing short of
miraculous. Each of you has so many unique and incredible
gifts to share with the world. It is a true honor to be working
by your side in friendship and love.
I would also like to acknowledge all of my friends and cli-
ents that I have known andworkedwith over the years. You have
each shown me the power and beauty of spirit simply because
you have believed in me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part
of your own transformation and seeing me through mine.