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I first acknowledge and give thanks to my Heavenly Father
and Mother. I am joyful that you entrusted this beautiful mis-
sion to me and feel incredibly grateful for the belief you have
always had in me. It is with delight that I walk and live the
truth of Heaven on earth.
I thank my earthly father Ron and mother Sharon for
always standing by my side, supporting me in love. You have
been the perfect teachers and I will always be grateful for the
many lessons that I have learned from you both. It is such an
honor to be your daughter.
To my husband, Kent, you have been a magnificent and
divine guide. It was through your perfect reflection that I fi-
nally realized the depth of my own truth. Your love has taken
me full circle and shown me the way to truth and light. I am
excited each day to continue this beautiful journey with you
and our little princes.
Jared Rosen, you are a brilliant creator! It has been so
much fun working with you, and I am grateful for your assis-
tance in helping me polish the last little bits of this work to
make it the radiant gemstone that it is. You are special, gifted,
and a great friend.
Lin Ivice, my editor. Thank you for doing such a beautiful
job in flowing with this manuscript and feeling the energy of this
book. You have been a dream to work with and I feel your enthu-
siasm in this project allows the book to shine even brighter.