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Pamela Jo McQuade
Born in Iowa and now a true Texan, Pamela Jo McQuade lived
a shell-shocked existence, moving from experience to experi-
ence in a state of struggle and adversity. Having been raised in
a staunchly Catholic family she did not grow up having an un-
derlying sense of spirituality and could not see the inner wealth
and beauty that was lying beneath the rubble of illusion.
Pamela was living in a destructive relationship, was a
banker in the midst of financial devastation, and was en-
trenched in an inner battle of empowerment versus unworthi-
ness. Circumstances prodded her to turn within and discover
her true essence, which pointed her toward her destiny. As she
aligned to her golden path, her life underwent a radical spiri-
tual transformation, resulting in new beginnings and a soul-
inspired quest to bring forth teachings of inner truth and light.
She quit her long-held corporate career and spent half a
decade following the call of her heart and soul. This mystical
journey transformed her life into the
Spiritually Rich & Sexy
woman she is today. Pamela is a Master Reiki Practitioner, a
student of
A Course in Light
, extensively trained in holographic
healing techniques, and a Reverend with the Universal Life
Church. She is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought-after
expert in helping others raise their consciousness, cleanse and
heal their body, and fill their heart with love.
Her passion for sharing with the mainstream her experi-
ence that spirituality is the key that unlocks the door to living