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22 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
If you really stop and think for a minute, many of the rich-
est, most famous, and most successful people came frommea-
ger beginnings. How do you think they transformed their lives
and made them into what they are today? Do you really think
these people are inherently different from you? Do you really
subscribe to the belief that some people were meant for happi-
ness and success and others were not? Opening this door will
allow you to live a life that provides you with inner richness,
peace, and happiness in all ways. I want to convey that what-
ever you think, believe, and say is what manifests in your life.
Is your life rich and brilliant, like a magnificent gemstone, or
is it as dull and lackluster as an old penny? Martyrdom could
be the culprit. Feeling like a victim may seem as comfortable
as a pair of old slippers—but it sure won’t get you an invitation
to the ball. By allowing your light to banish the darkness, you
allow the roughness of your inner diamond to be polished to
perfection. There are no accidents, no mistakes, and no luck
involved in this game called life. The sooner you realize that
you hold the keys to your destiny, the more quickly you can
take control and manifest the future you truly desire.
Now don’t hunt me down with your high-heeled Jimmy
Choos in hand, intending bodily harm, if the Chanel handbag
in your scrapbook doesn’t surface in a few months. But this
process will allow you to start operating differently, and it will
help you open up to possibilities you may never have consid-
ered before. Be patient, life doesn’t work on your time. Divine
timing is always in play, so it may take a few steps to get to that
handbag. Be clear about your desires, dear friends. I venture to
say that it may not really be a Chanel handbag that you’re after,
but a life filled with the riches that only being in touch with
Spirit can provide. These riches, such as happiness, joy, good