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Pamela Jo McQuade 21
heart with joy and purpose. This is different for everyone; but
make no mistake, getting into the frequency of flowing money
makes the ride easier and more joyful.
You will birth your dreams by following the guidance of
Spirit, and allowing it to come forth effortlessly, through up-
lifting belief systems and elevated consciousness. Anyone can
follow the words of Spirit, if they are courageous enough to
act on the directions they are receiving. One must be able,
however, to differentiate the voice of Sprit from the voice of
the ego. Here’s a way to tell the difference: The symphony of
ego has discordant notes of selfishness and serves only to only
fluff up your feathers, so that you feel better than others. In
contrast, the symphony of soul feels loving, blissful, light, and
brings a very vibrant energy flow.
Most importantly, do not let doubt creep into your mind.
is a deal breaker.Theminute doubt, judgment or fear en-
ter your mind, you might as well start singing the Linda Ron-
stadt song,
When doubt enters, you will want to pull
out all the stops and get back on track ASAP. I say, go stand in
front of your mirror and start practicing those positive affirma-
tions until you can recite them in your sleep. One of my per-
sonal favorites is:
I am allowing myself to receive golden opportu-
nities now.
Train your thoughts and emotions and keep doing
the work necessary, until there is no room for fear or doubt to
enter any longer. This takes time, patience and healing, and in
fact equipping your self to have perfect faith in all things un-
seen is the work of a lifetime. When you become crystal clear
that there are no mistakes or coincidences in life, you will be
well on your way to positive changes. Without question, every
person you meet and every situation you encounter are per-
fectly balanced for your learning, advancement, and next step.